Graduate Trader at IMC

Who we are and what we do

IMC is a leading global market maker with offices in Europe, the US and Asia-Pacific. We use algorithmic trading and advanced technology to buy and sell securities across multiple trading venues. Our vital role, at the centre of the financial markets, provides liquidity for buyers and sellers worldwide. 

In the late 1980s, IMC quickly identified the importance of technology in the fast-evolving trading environment. Our passion for innovation continues to drive us today. Although our company has grown rapidly over recent decades, we still approach our work with the same entrepreneurial spirit, with an emphasis on continuous improvement and innovation. We like our people to think for themselves and we give them the responsibility and support they need to make an impact. This means real work as well as dedicated training programmes and mentors. 

While we work hard, we also have a lot of fun – whether solving complex challenges or taking part in teambuilding, leisure and sporting activities. IMC also enables its employees to contribute to a better society through our foundation.

what's different about a trading career at imc?

IMC trades a wide range of financial instruments, in many different ways. This means we look for different types of traders; from the quantitative minds who enjoy the mathematical side of trading to more operationally focused personalities who thrive on interacting with brokers over the phone. 

Our traders share one thing in common, though: they are at their best when solving complex problems. Their insights into global events, market shifts and pricing ensure we always trade in the right place, at the right time.


Your IMC journey begins with a seven-week global trading traineeship led by our seasoned traders and technologist, during which you’ll link up with graduates from all three IMC regions. You’ll then continue your training in your local office for a further two months before joining a desk that matches your specific background and strengths. Where you go from here is up to you – we’ll help you carve out your own niche as you use your creativity to explore new opportunities in our markets. And you’ll gain real recognition for your ideas and successes along the way. 

what you can expect

As a graduate trader at IMC, you will

  • Trade a wide range of financial instruments
  • Develop, maintain and improve trading strategies and algorithms
  • Manage the execution and risks of complex trading portfolios
  • Work closely with IMC’s technology developers and engineers
  • Have the support of your very own mentor


reasons why this is your future job

  • You love solving complex problems
  • You want a real-time connection to the world economy, and the knowledge to act on it
  • You want your decisions to directly impact the company’s trading profits
  • You value creativity, teemwork and innovation

what do we look for?

  • Superior analytical skills
  • Genuine interest in financial markets, though no prior knowledge or experience is required
  • A team player – at IMC we’re all in it together
  • Experience in a programming language (e.g. Pyhton, Matlab or R) is an advantage
  • Academic background in a quantitative field (e.g. Mathematics, Physics or Econometrics)

ready to apply?

Our hiring process, including tips on applying and interviewing with IMC, is described on our website. Now it’s up to you! Apply today to start your journey with IMC.